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Sunday, 26 May 2019

A granny square blanket - made with love

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I scolled on Facebook one morning, as always and I see requests for grannies or to make for other people who are having a hard time.

Project Blanket

Suddenly I got it. That was what I had to do for someone I know and who is having a hard time. What a good idea!

So, I went to the attic where I sorted and stored my WIPs. A bag project, almost finished. The granny squares where put together.

Fantasy blanket

I made a blanket earlier for someone else.

I only made that one from granny square without a destination, just in case.

Granny quares

This time no black in it, okay okay, there is some black in this blanket but not as much as the one like above.

I love flower granny squares

This is one of the blocks which was already finished. Thank goodness because the flower granny square is a lot of work and time consuming.

Here the green one (near Tammy the Bear)

I got a blanket as a suprise from a friend I met through Hyves and used it as example. And then Poekie was there and laid down on it. He thinks it's his blanket….

I put the granny block together and started with making the rows. It was a lot of work and time consuming. I didn't have that much time!!!

I looked for a solution and found one thanks to the Granny Swaps of the Facebook group

The grannies from the granny swap of Crochet Friends Swap Group received in July 2018.

Swap April 2018

Swap March 2018

The one with the sheep is my favourite.

The grannies from January.

And I also used the grannies made during the crochet club Hilversum Haakt .

At first I didn't know what to do with the grannies from the granny swaps. But as you can see, it has a great destination.

And this is the result after a week of very hard work:

Project Bag

Yeah, in the beginning of this blog I wrote about a project bag.
That one has been sent too but then as a birthday gift, the DPD package was okay to send the bag too.

Of course it became a Creak Shopping Bag (a plastic shopping bag made with granny squares) - of course!

It sounds a bit weird, but this way you can clean up a lot. A blanket needs a lot of material. But I did it with love.

Have you ever made a blanket for someone else?

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