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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Doll's Day Lizzy and her hat

A while ago I saw a cute baby hat on Facebook from Gehaaktemutsenenzo
Thank God Lizzy wasn't on my lap, otherwise I would had to order a lot. 
I liked this one a lot.

When she saw the hat she had to wear it immediately... and didn't take it off anymore!
And yes, she wanted to strike a pose.

Lizzy pooped and had to change clothes. 
But what was that exactly?

Have a good look! It had eyes!!!

I had to laugh. It is a pattern designed by Silvana Moeller. Funny, you can not only let the Babyborns pee but also poo. And you keep clean hands.

Silvana Moeller allowed me to publish her first pattern in my blog.It is fast and easy to crochet.

Free pattern

A version in PDF is in my Facebook group Mariams Creations. You are most welcome to join.

Doll's Day news

Yes we have news. At the end of the month there is a (Dutch) CAL by Facebook group from Life is sweet - by Anja haakt: Haak-, brei-, naai- en andere creatievelingen

More Doll's Day blogs?

It's good to be back in Blogland. I will read the other doll's day blogs soon too. Do you join me?

Till next time!


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