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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Doll's day: shy

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In October I joined a CAL from the FB group Maschenzauber & Friends. You can join a cal every month.

I tried something with the socks. They look a little like my own socks.
A little later than October my Pierrot was ready...

Oh come on. Please turn around Pierrot. Pierrot didn't dare. He is shy because he isn't black and white.

It look a while but he did turn:

Despite the other colour he is cute, don't you think?

He said it was cold outside and wanted a picture in the house.
So we did:

I am proud at my Pierrot. And the CAL was very nice. Many thanks Maschenzauber.
Please take a look at her Facebook page. She designs nice things.

Doll's day news
There are many CALs but I've been busy at home lately. Here are two announcements I told you about
in October (reminder).
Please click on the picture for more information.
And there is also a CAL with a bear
Well that was it for now.

Are you curious for the stories of the other bloggers? Please go to de Breimeisjes for the list.
Thanks for your attention and I hope to see you next time.


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