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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Doll's Day: precocious?

In German and Dutch

What is happening today? Well I had a precocious cat and dog this time. 
You can't get angry at them. I could only like it. 
Let's start with our "mopje". 

My mum used to sing that song very often. 
roughly translated it has this message: When our dog was a doggie, it was nice to see. Nowadays he barks all day and bites! 

So if you would believe this song this doggie isn't a nice dog after all. 
But this one isn't an aggressive dog.He is just very sweet and cute. Do you remember him? You can have a better look at Doggie.

Mr Innocence isn't he? Doggie has the size of a key ring and the pattern is from Conny's Haekelviecher
As you might already know I am her fan of her patterns. Nice, clear even when you don't understand German.

Well, who is this creature with scary eyes? 
(I had no security eyes in stock)

This is a pattern from Grietje Karwietje. It was quite fatiguing before I could shoot his picture...

Because young cats are very precocious. 

But not less fun.

Grietje Karwietje made a lot of nice (free) patterns from amigurumis.

Have you made some minis before?

Doll's Day news

Unfortunaty I have no news today, but if I might hear something in the meantime I will write a blog!

Are you curious what the other doll's day blog writers wrote?
Have a look for the list and of course for the doll's day adventure to
de Breimeisjes. Happy reading and I hope to see you next time.


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