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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Doll's Day WIP (3) Poekie the Cat is not amused

This blog is also in Dutch and in German

I continued cleaning the study and saw WIP Kitty the Cat. It is fun to finish off the amigurumis right?

Well it is with Kitty the Cat from Bettys-Simm-Salabim. I mentioned Kitty the Cat as WIP earlier in one of my blogs, but you wouldn't recognize her as such, hihi.

But eh... Poek is not amused. Why? Well, let's have a look.

At first he didn't notice as you can see.

Poekie was afraid that he had to share his food. Well, not at all Poekie. This kitty isn't eating anything, Kitty the Cat is just decoration, so no worries.

What a relief:

Once in a while he talks to Kitty the Cat

Now I can show you a profile picture of Kitty the Cat. Isn't she adorable?

She is heavier in her tummy, because I put some sand in it so that she can sit better.

This Kitty is a patter from Bettys-Simm-Salabim. If you would like her to crochet too, just hit the Facebook picture. Then you will see the link to the shop (only available in German).

My Kitty the Cat will get some details and when I finished that I will show you something funny. I have to make pics of that. I couldn't stop laughing...

And psst. I couldn't resist buying another pattern from Bettys-Simm-Salabim.

And I made her in one evening and one morning while I had no eyes. So I made her a pair of sun glasess, hihi.

This Kitty went on a journey.

Dolls' Day News

Crochet Friends's CAL on Facebook is ongoing now and you will see lots of cute Amanitas. Next week you will see my version in progress.

CAL Nadaragurumi Häkelfee

As if that is not enough I'm attending another CAL on Facebook CAL Nadaragurumi Häkelfee. There is a new CAL each month and you have time to finish it until the end of the month. It is a supriseCAL and I'm curious what it is going to become.


I wrote about Maschenzauber earlier. There is also a nice Facebook group to attend a CAL each month. There is no picture of it in the group so I'm not telling you what it is going to be. At least it's going to be awesome!

Inspiration for Halloween

I saw these ones last week. So cute, the patterns are both in Germand and Dutch.

The spider as inspiration from last week is still to be made. I hope to do that this week and that I can show you the result next week.

I'm excited if you did anything with the suggestions and if you made something. Please leave a comment? 

I'm also curious of what the other Doll's Day bloggers wrote. Will you join me? 

This is the list (you can read it with the Google Chrome translation service). 

- de Breimeisjes  Amilishly,  Blauw Ruitje,   Corina,  

DIYDiva,  Jannie,  Jolanda,  Juffrouw Ooievaar,

Ria,  Rita en  Sandra

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope to see you next week.

Love, Mariam

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