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Monday, 22 January 2018

Granny Spiration Challenge October 2017

It was October already. I often think: I’m getting too old for this (time goes by too fast I mean ;-).
I enjoy joining the Granny Spiration Challenge:

Well those are awesome!

Please also have a look at what the other hosts did. You can find the list at Eyeloveknots

And what did the hosts make?

It is cold again and then I take my shawl out of the wardrobe. When you know me, you know
that I have lots of respect for all the peope who make shawls in one piece. I did it once and
never again. I like the shawl a lot and I used lots of colours on purpose, because in this way
I know how far I got. But it felt like a never ending story. That is why I have loads of respect for
the other crocheters who do make the shawls in one piece.
It is nice and warm though.
I’m not cold anymore
Can you make a shawl in one piece?

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