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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Granny Spiration Challenge of July 2017

We are already in July with the Granny Spiration Challenge

This time I made an overview in a video because I recently started my own company MariamBentum.

Because it’s a lot of fun:

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*Sigrid from Kat Kat Katoen stopped as a Host :( but ...ehm… please visit her Blog, she makes awesome stuff ❤

and please also have a look
Sandra Hakelfieber Austria (in German)
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So, what did I make? Another recycle and create. Discovered by coincidence and I’m very happy with it: a piano cover for my Roland Piano:
Granny spiration CHallenge July 2017 (3).jpg

I crocheted 3 rows from 7 Grannies 5 Rounds hook 5 with Royal Acryl from Zeeman) and sow the sides with old Jeans. I like the cool effect for the piano.

What do you think of it?
Granny spiration CHallenge July 2017 2.jpg

Granny spiration CHallenge July 2017 1.jpg

In case you would like to make the cover to, please find attached the pattern for the sides: