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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Doll's Day, the amis were having fun

How was your Newyearsday? Poekie was afraid and laid under our bed.We knew that too late because at first he was quite relaxted. The amigurumis were having fun. Afterwards they were sooo tired.

When I have a look at the pics I can laugh, but at first I was surprised. What do you think of this?


A cat lying next to the duck? That is impossible don’t you think, LOL!

Ms. Mouse is hanging in the lamp again and I asked Kittycat Kruimel and the duck to strike a pose. Sure!


I would like to a make some more cats, but where can I buy some time? ;-). The free pattern is available here:

I just noticed that Designer Henriette van de Wiel posted the pattern on Newyearsday (2014) :).


The duck is Mrs Emonessy’s design to be found here:

or written pattern:

Just have a look on both websites from Mrs Emonessy and Stip en Haak.

Some new in amigurumiword:

As from 23 January there will be a surprise CAL at the FacebookgroupHaak Met Ons Mee (Dutch) (link: It is a very nice group. The admins take a lot of effort to comfort you.

At the moment there is a CAL until 14. Januar on the Facebookgroup CAL by Tine’s Haak - Paradise (link: and after that a new CAL starts.

That was it for now. See you next week?
Love, Mariam

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