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Monday, 5 December 2016

Doll's Day

What happened in the doll’s world?  
Actually a lot.
A while ago I fell in love with a bullterrier. I just had to crochet the dog. Have you experienced that before?
This is the result. It is a free pattern from my favourit German designer who writes the mini patterns in English too: Conni's Häkelviecher (
On a German Facebookgroup I saw a request for baby hats, both crocheted, knitted as well as sewn, for newborns an early born kids  in Eritrea (
Are you going to make those too Mariam??? Well, no, I sometimes have some hats in stock.

As you probably know, Lizzy was a model for the hats. She is soo proud that she wants me to share and refer to the album on my Facebookpage n.

Okay this is the link to the album with Lizzy and the baby stuff:
Of course I am proud that I made those.
Maybe you like to make some too? Sure you can!

A free pattern of the babyhat is to be found over here:

Also in Holland there are nice initiatives: (picture and text from JB Crochet Design & Creations)
Make a memorial butterfly to remember all deceased children on worldwilde candle lighting day on December 11, 2016.
We can't forget them so crochet your own butterfly in this event to make loads of butterfly's
click on the link to join the group  :

Oh, and how are Hannah Walking the Dog and Daan doing (Ginia Mees’s Amigurumis) ????
Because of the dust they moved to the house which was actually meant to be for the Fantirumis. They aren’t happy, it is sooo full overthere! Squirly saw that already and ran away. Daan is upset because Hannah is still naked, I didn’t have time to crochet. I should change plans….
Who knows: next week, new chances.
You will read it in next week’s Doll’s Day blog.

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