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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Doll's Day and a bit of Hat's Day

Lizzy has lots of awesome hats doesn’t she? Elmo the Monkey saw that. I made a special one for him, with lots of colours in it. It became a rasta hat.
Elmo is certainly not like Lizzy is. He is a naughty monkey. Take a look at this…..
Look straight into the camera? Where?
Like this?
I had to laugh, monkeys are funny.
Elmo started giggling and later he got pain in his tummy from laughing  
Well, I think you had a good look at this hat don’t you?
A while ago I made a hat for myself: the headache hat. The pattern will follow soon on my webpage. Actually it is a chemo hat, but because I had lots of pain, I called it a headache hat. The headaches were easier to bear and I didn’t need pills anymore.
And now I don’t need the hat either. Hurray!
While I often missed my hat I looked for a solution. Do you remember Schildi from Schlappohrhund Wuppertal? She called me and wanted to wear it. Well, take a look at this:
I was pleased with her offer. She looks at the hat very well. When I need my hat I know where my hat is nowadays. Thank you dear Schildi, you are a star!
Would you like to crochet a Schildi? Go to:
I hope I will have a nicer week this week so that I can continue working on the dolls. We will see.
Is there any news?
Sure! What do you think of the “Mähs” (pattern Bettys-Simm-Salabim):
luna von mah.jpg
lisa von mah.jpg
I’m in love....
Are you too? You can find the pattern here:
Maybe you would like crochet an Advent calendar. Go to the nice group from Amigurumi Handmade by Ginia Mees:
And now something different. I’m in love. Yeah, yeah, I know, it happens more often, but not in monsters. Look at those eyes. Am I right? This monster joins the contest for designers. Would you please vote for her? The pattern is from JB Crochet and Designs?
monster van JB Crochet and Designs.jpg
I do hope she will win. You can vote until coming Saturday..
Well folks, that was it for this week. I hope to see you next week.
Love, Mariam

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