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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Doll's Day: a mice invasion

We had a mice invasion. It was my own fault because it was so much fun making the mice.



The mice are nice to hold in your hand. The free pattern in English is here

This mouse was part of Bettys-Simm Salabim’s CAL a while ago.

Bettys-Simm Salabim’s animals are always active. So did this mouse. Shortly after I took the picture she was to be found in our lamp above the dining table. poppendag foto's.JPG

I had forgotten why….

Did you make some more Mariam? Oh yeah, I continued working on Hannah Walking the Dog (pattern Ginia Mees,, I’m not making progress too fast.

As you can see, I have to hurry up:
Daan can’t handle this. A naked woman AND in the living room, in front of the window!!! *NOT DONE*

Do you have some news for us Mariam?Of course I have! You can also find the Bettys-Simm-Salabim patterns here:

For Christmas you can find some awesome patterns like `Renntinchen´ (reindeer) and Finja the elf and what do you think of `Tammi von Knuddelhausen`?tammi.jpg

And again, another awesome pattern is to be found wenn you go to the Facebook GroupAmigurumi Handmade by Ginia
santah.jpgOnce you are a member you don´t want to leave. It is soo cozy overthere!

That was all for now. Next week Tuesday I will have news again for Doll´s Day. I´ll welcome you with open arms.

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