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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Knitting without knitting needles?

Some time ago I got a package to make an infinity scarf.
I was afraid to start the scarf, because I wasn’t familiar with the technique.
This week I’m making clothes for the Winter. Then I saw the package again.
And on the Facebookgroup “Breien- en Breipatronen” (knitting and knitting patterns) I saw a post with this Youtubefilm

I had to do it over again some times because there was too much yarn left.

(Poekie: I think it is not going so well??)

Suddenly it went fast!
It was finished within 30 minutes if I hadn’t interrupted the knitting by doing so many things..... But it was really just a 30 minutes job, hihi.

If the scarf is warm? Well it is indeed!!


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