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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Doll's day

Ich have been crocheting a lot lately. Frambloosje is finally finished. She is a bag hanger now.
It was a good idea to continue working on Frambloosje at a later stage because I noticed that I didn’t do the popcorn stitch right (tummy). The popcorn stitch has been done properly on the hat.


This time I can show you another Mini, a pink elephant. (design Conni’s Häkelviecher,, also i English). The minis are great to make with rest wool.

Jars are also great to make with rest wool. Okay, it has nothing to do with Doll’s Day, but the amigurumi next to the jar does:

Who is that? That is Ms Mallory, Mighty Malcolm’s wife (free pattern Dendennis). (

I had the intention to make Mighty Malcolm, but ehm, a cool bear with a pink pullover?????? Meanwhile I’m making Mighty Malcolm too.

Well, are you ready for the CALs?

Which CALs? Well, at first Rudi from Schlappohrhund Wuppertal (German language). Do you want to join?

Or in Dutch:

cal Antje Smit.JPG

I can recommend an awesom Facebook Group called,  “Haakpatronen van Ankie”

The group isn’t only for attention for Ankie’s patterns, but also for charity: to make bear blankets. Bear blankets? Well I translate the text from their website: "This group makes blankets for children, who need a lot of love and warmth. Bear blankets and bears give a good feeling. For children at the age from 0 - 16 who go through a tough time during their childhood. "

Ankie would like to help the organisation with the sale of her patterns:
Ankie crochets very quickly. Therefore she writes and sells the patterns to buy wool....
Go to Ankie’s Facebookgroup and have a look at her Amis (Spookje, Meneertje IJskoud, Japie Stokstaart , Femke Fret, handpopje or Knurt Drommels).
You can buy the patterns by sending Ankie a personal message on Facebook.

Another long Blog…

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you next time!

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