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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Doll's day: lots of news

This week I wanted to show you 3 creations.

Mini Mr Owl, that’s  how I call him, made from leftover garn. The (Dutch) pattern can be found here:

meneer de uil.jpg

I bought the eyes at Zeeman’s. I tought they were self-adhesive eyes, but no! I sticked them with adhesive for textile and didn’t expext it would stick so good. It worked thanks to some patience!!

Furthermore I made a hippo, Nilli, a pattern from Bettys-Simm-Salabim. (

Somewhere on Facebook I saw someone crocheted the white part of the eye and sewed a black button on it and finished! Of course I wanted to try that because I have loads of buttons. I like the result, do you?


And then I continued crocheting on Squirly, the FAL from CrochEssie by Esther Emaar a while ago.

We only see half of the photo because she is not finished and Squirly is shy. Same here: I discovered a mistake. The eyes which I ordered at couldn’t be sewed on. I crocheted too tight. A learning experience and I sticked an eye from Zeeman. She doesn’t look bad, but how awesome would it be if she wore the eyes as described in the pattern… Next time I’ll make a fantirumi!


It has been a while since the FAL has ended. CrochEssie was very busy in the meantime. Last week she published her latest pattern: Turtoisy. Isn’t she lovely…(Picture: CrochEssie by Esther Emaar)

Turtoisy is a free pattern to be made on an egg. The pattern can be found here: You can make here for the children in Villa Pardoes (I wrote about it earlier in my doll’s day blogs) or for yourself. And there are also very nice packages for sale at to make Turtoisy.

Is there some more news? Oh yeah, of course there is, loads of news!
On 28 September a CAL starts at Amigurumi haken met Adriƫnne:Jozefien.

Isn’t she sweet. Do you join? Go to the Facebookgroup:

Jacadrifrid, Antje Smit’s CAL on the Facebookgroup Amigurumi Handmade by Ginia Mees ( just started this week.
Picture: Ginia Mees
You can still attend, but please note: the new parts will be posted every week and the old ones will be deleted. So… join the group and off you go! :D I would like to recommend the group, it is alway nice, piece and fun, also wenn the parts from members are posted. Well, I just can’t describe it, just experience it. So, what are yo waiting for! :D

German CALs are organised too: 30. September the CAL from Rudi, der  CAL von Schlappohrhund Wuppertal starts (
Picture: Schlappohrhund Wuppertal

And on 8 October a CAL from Bettys-Simm-Salabim in the group Garn og Hobby:
cal betty.jpg

If I attend all these CALs? Ehm, I wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore, haha!

No, I only share the information because I can and I would like to be helpful for you and the Designer.

I have lot of WIP’s to finish. Otherwise I can’t see the amigurumis through the WIP’s ;-)

That’s all the news for this week. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you next time!


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