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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Doll's Day: a lot has happened

I didn’t write blogs for a while, but here I am again! It’s fun to write a Doll’s Day Blog!

What happened?
I joined a CAL from Schlappohrhund Wuppertal Schildi, a huge turtle.
It was fun to make her, her shoes, her face. I was in love.
schildi 1.jpg
schildi 2.jpg
schildi 3.jpg

When Schildi, the turtle was finished, she went into the garden and was very curious, so I made some pictures:
Unfortunately you can’t buy Schildi at the Crazy Patterns Shop but you can join a new CAL from Rudi as of 30. September. Go to:!

Do you remember die Maus (the mouse)?

I still love the mouse.

I made the mole too (pattern Conni’s Haekelviecher: )
It was fun to make Minis wenn you don’t feel so well and still want to make something. I made the mole with hook 2,5 or 3 no smaller.
There is an elephant too which I would love to make in the color blue :).

Unfortunately I didn’t find a pattern for the duck.
die maus.jpg
Picture: ZDF.

During the holidays I made a cat. When I finished the cat the meat wasn’t safe!  The meat was just ready and there the cat was, he didn’t care if the pan was hot or not!!!
The cat wanted to eat the meat with Poekie but as you already know, Poekie is very sweet and wasn’t interested in the stolen meat.
kattie 2.JPG

You can find the pattern for the cat with the meat over here:
It isn’t that difficult to make if you made amigurumis with patterns before.

I would like to recommend some patterns. Please come and join the Facebookgroup Amigurumi Handmade by Ginia, , because:
Opi (grandpa) from Antje Smit has Omi (grandma) now with him
opa en oma.jpg

And Ginia Mees wrote a new pattern too:
linke loetje.jpg

Furthermore there will be another CAL
cal Antje Smit.JPG

Bettys-Simm Salabim wrote a new awesome pattern too, Cookie the raccoon ( wasbeer.jpg

And Designer Jannie Brommer (JB Crochet Design and Creations wrote a new pattern:

Flowermaid Elyssa. You can buy the pattern through Facebook or if you don’t have a Facebook Account, by  E-mail:

This schoolyear won’t be boring will it?

For now, thank you for your attention and I hope to see you next time!

Cheers, Mariam

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