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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Why was Daan shocked? Including free pattern Barbie's cardigan :)

You probably saw this picture from Daan (design Ginia Mees ( earlier on Facebook. But what was Daan looking at? I wanted to ask him but he held his hands in front of his eyes and the only thing he said was NOOO. When he calmed down I heard he was shocked by Barbie. I looked behind me and saw: nothing!
What was the matter? Daan told me that Barbie wanted to kiss April the Frog from Angel’s Creations Crochet ( because she wanted a cardigan.

A frog could do magic? I went looking for Barbie and talked to her.
“Listen Barbie” I said, you completely confused. In the fairytale from the Princess and the Frog the princess kisses the frog because he is a prince. And you're making another mistake Barbie: April is a girl!!! Barbie started crying. I felt sorry for her, she has been waiting for her cardigan or something else to warm her arms for soooo long. She was right. So, I started crocheting and this is the result. You can make the cardigan yourself too, within 40 minutes it is ready. I have attached the free pattern.

cardigan barbie 1.jpg
cardigan barbie 2.jpg
cardigan barbie 3.jpg
You might think, we were talking about Lizzy? Oh yeah, she is confused too (at her youngest age!).
Her clothes were washed and ready to be packed when I heard that they couldn't go to Afrika. Oh, I comforted Lizzy, I will pack them for the next person to go to Africa or for a baby nearby.."
Lizzy was pleased. She could choose the pictures for this doll's day blog. “That one, that one”, Lizzy said enthusiastically. Yeah, I like those too:

In November I wrote about the nice free patterns from Crochessie by Esther Emaar to crochet for Villa Pardoes:

They are running out of stock of the Minirumis. Despite me crocheting less with small hooks I do want to try to crochet for Villa Pardoes. The free patterns can be found here Also the materials you need for the minirumis are on House of Creations.
For the tips and trick to make the minirumis go to the Facebook group Fantirumi’s and more:
Are you going to crochet for Villa Pardoes too?
I already wrote about amigurumi-designer Ginia Mees. Wow! Ginia has been very busy lately. Eddy has a wife now, called Ivy.

And Joshua:
Awesome hey? Would you like to make them too? Become a member of the Facebook group and order the patterns by sending a PM to Ginia Mees.
Do not have an account on Facebook? No problem at all. You can send Ginia Mees an e-mail:
Are you wondering when I start crocheting amigurumis again? Well the cramp disappeared (hurray!), the patterns are attractive, maybe I'll make them with hook number 5….
Yeah, I really want to make a start again, because Bettys-Simm Salabim also wrote some new patterns again Wuzzel with his Cushion:

and Hope, her feet are made with an African flower granny.

Aren't they cuties? ….For Bettys-Simm Salabim's latest news and patterns go to:
Well, that was the doll’s day news for now.
Thank you for your attention and I hope till next time!
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