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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The creak shopping bag

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Facebook group AH Shoptas

There is a Facebook group called AH Shoptas:

Members show their jute bag from Albert Heijn with a crocheted jacket. In the meantime you can see more jute bags with a crocheted jacket. You can see wonderful creations.

As odd as I am, I would like to give a plastic bag a crocheted jacket and also not that size. So I made recycled Action bags. What a fun! I made them with grannies.

The basic granny tutorial on Youtube

The basic granny tutorial in a blog

You can find the basic granny tutorial here in a blog 

I joined the grannies together with the slip stitch join method

The slip stitch join method on youtube

You can find the slip stitch method in this video

The slip stitch join method in a blog

You can find the slip stitch method in this blog

For the sides and the bottom I took a stitch and crocheted half trebles over the width of the sides.

Then I took the whole crocheted piece over the bag (a bag in a bag).

The sides, top edge and bottom I sewed with petit points with machine yarn in the color of the acrylic and with an embroidery needle with a sharp point.

The bag is ready now!

Why the name creak shopping bag?

The bag creaks a little. A jute bag doesn’t. That is why I call it the creak shopping bag.

Did you ever crocheted a normal plastic shopping bag?

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