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Monday, 18 July 2016

Doll's day: Poekie and the Amigumis (scary?)

This Doll’s Day blog is situated in the garden. We do not have a watchdog but a watchcat!
poek in de tuin.jpg

Every morning he checks if everything is okay. The dolls know and hide until Poekie leaves the garden. Then they come..

Pug wanted some fresh air.
zielig hondje.JPG
Our Pug was scared by Poekie’s close up picture.

enge poek.JPG
Poekie asked Pug what he was doing in the Garden.

poek snuffel.JPG
Pug was scared to death.

Tapsie (design Betty-Simm Salabim, was in the neighbourhood to help Pug. Tapsie and Pug went for a drive.
tapsie redt hondje.JPG

If you would like to make pug yourself: It is a free pattern and very easy to make. Everything is explained with pattern and Youtube film.

Tapsie is a loving and caring for allt he Amigurumis. Last Saturday she saw ducky -who normally sits in the car - in the garden. The car was cleaned and ducky sat in the Garden. Tapsie saw her und sat next to ducky. We are going to take a picture Tapsie said.
zorgzame tapsie 1.JPG

zorgzame tapsie 2.JPG

But Poekie the cat really that scary??poek met worst.JPG

Not at all! He is cute and loves crocheted things.

He was tired after such a busy morning with the Amis  so he took a nap on the crocheted blanket.
poek is moe.JPG

Do you also have a cat who loves crocheted stuff and amigurumis?

There is some news: a new pattern from Antje Smit. Awesome guy isn’t he?! You can make him too.13697058_930042417106082_854898058505642911_n.jpg

Where? In the Facebook group Amigurumi Handmade by Ginia Mees (

That was it for this week. Thank you for your attention.

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