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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Doll's Day: to sew (someone's) ear?

I crocheted a panda bear for my daughter, based on the Bettys-Simm-Salabim’s pattern from Teddy. I made Teddy in 2014 when I didn’t know what a double crochet was and I crocheted with hook number. This time I crocheted the panda bear with hook number 2,5 and acryl from Zeeman as described in the pattern. Now you can see the difference, hihi.

To sew an amigurumi can be difficult. I wanted this panda bear to be perfect (what is perfect??) and I fiddled around with the ears.
That’s why I took panda to Hameln in Germany where I would meet Bettys-Simm-Salabim in real life. She told me to sew the corners of the ears when you know if the ears are placed correctly. Otherwise you can correct it easily. Of course I can sew an ear, but it is always nice to learn to sew in a different way.
Last week I proudly presented Oma Saartje from the FB Group Haak met ons mee . Yesterday a new CAL started. This time grandpa will be crocheted so that grandma won’t be alone. Do you want to join? Than go the Facebook group, I guess you can still start till the end of the week. If you’re curious how grandpa is going to look like go to:

Last month I crocheted a kakadu from Conni Hakelviecheräkelviecher-859291467470332/?fref=ts

to cheer a member on the FB crochet group up. So not only will there be crocheted and shown some work. Sometimes there is “more” and someone will be cheered up.
vogel 2 24 mei 2016.JPG

I also crocheted for a swap on the FB group Crochet Friends
I had to laugh when I saw the picture on Facebook and I crocheted this duck: vogel 24 mei 2016.JPG
Crochet Friends is a nice group with a lot of activity. At the moment there is a CAL going on.

I joined a CAL on a German group from Schlapporhund Wuppertal.

This is her FB page: What a pity that our Dutch football team won’t join the European Championship.
champ cal.jpg
champ af.jpg
At least I’m in time for the World Championship and I can make a nice Dutch Champ. What a pity, when football is on the tele I’m crocheting, but all the decorations in the stores and supermarkets to support the Dutch team are sooo nice!!! So gentlemen of the Dutch Football team: work hard our Dutch people and enterpreneurs are counting on you.
By the way, I like the German version also. I would like to make that one too one day. Champ is easy to crochet!
champ duits.jpg
How is Hannah Walking the Dog from Ginia Mees doing? Well, I won’t be able to finish her before the end of the week because of personal circumstances. I have to travel a lot. Until the end of the week you can post a picture of your version of Hannah on the Facebookgroep Amigurumi Handmade by Ginia Mees if you would like to to participate in the contest. Oh yeah, you can order nice packageds from Bas, Abby und Shopping Coby (in Dutch):

Oh man! I thought I could finish Squirly from CrochEssie by Esther Emaar. Ehm, no? I had to crochet her head and when I was crocheting I didn’t like the purple flowers on the blue background for her eyes so I ordered white flowers on I think she can be see on next Doll’s Day blog. I tried to put her in a big jar from Amsterdam Onions. Although her head wasn’t finished I discovered that she was “not amused”. She didn’t have much space in it.

Next week some other creations will be ready and I will be able to show you a happy Barbie too.

Thank you for reading and you’ll read next Doll’s Day blog.

Cheers, Mariam


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