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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Doll’s day: talking with Ms Barbie

Someone was knocking at the door. Not smoothly but loud! At first I didn’t hear it, later on I did. I just couldn’t go to the study where the dolls where in the closet.
I laid in my bedroom and couldn’t do a thing. Yesterday I went to the study and opened the closet. There they were waiting for me: Daan, Barbie, Opa Bas.
Barbie was pretty upset. I said: lets talk Bar, and so we did.


I wanted to finish my WIP’s. It didn’t work. Now I can finish stuff, I sport under supervision and I can do everything again. Low profile and lots of breaks in between. So slowly we are getting there, I’m happy with it!
Not everything goes as I want it too. I often make lots of mistakes during crocheting so I have to start again or I get cramps in my hands (crochet with hook 3 of 2,5). But .. for everything there is a solution. Something you find one on your own, sometimes you get help on a Facebookgroup for crochet. If you ask, you win is my new expression.

And yes, Barbie, you are a go getter knocking on the door. Daan and Opa Bas gave up already… In the footstool I saw Guido the Snowboarder's head. Pfff. I wanted to crochet so badly but my head is like a donkey. Think Mariam! I went back to my first amigurumi: Teddy from Bettys-Simm Salabim. I crocheted Teddy with hook number 5 and acryl. I will try that again with an ami from Bettys-Simm Salabim. It became Baby Rhino Leonardo with in his paw an african flower hexagon
To make the counting easier I crocheted with stripes.

It will become Baby Rhino Leonora instead of Leonardo. Leonora’s parts were crocheted with hook number 3 with baby acryl from Zeeman and some acryl leftovers.
I got in the mood and started to crochet Part 2 from Guido: the shoe. It went well. I only need to put my work aside from time to time. Everything I did I crossed out so I won't lose count. And read well, sometime loud so that I'll understand what is written.
In the meantime Ginia Mees wrote another awesome pattern which we may crochet together as from 25 April :

Inzwischen hat Ginia Mees wiedere eine tolle Anleitung geschrieben den wir ab 25 April in einer CAL machen dürfen:
hannah walking the dog.jpg
As from Sunday I crochet with the Facebook group Haak met ons Mee
I crochet Grandma with hook number 5 so she will big. At first I wanted to put her in the back seat of the car when finished.

In the group you see pictures of other members. One of the members put a pair of scissors and a hook in Grandma's apron. How awesome! Especially for Mother's Day (or for on my desk next to the sewing machine/my crochet work). A functional Granny.
Barbie asks how Frambloosje from Angelique Luijkman is doing. Well Bar, Frambloosje is in a box next to my  bed. When I open the box I see Frambloosje and won't forget her (can I forget her?). Barbie stares at me angry ... (oops)
Angelique Luijkman made another nice pattern: April the frog.

April de Kikker.jpg
I would like to crochet that too (with hook number 5) and I guess April is also possible to be made with stripes. Would you like to crochet April too? Go to
Barbie is also interested in Squirly from Crochessie by Esther Emaar. The FAL finished long time ago. Yeah, same story as Guido…. This is how she should look like:

I was glad to read that you don't necessarily cut the flowers for Squirly yourself (I'm not good at it). You can buy them at  House of Creations I'm so happy with it!
In the meantime also Crochessie by Esther Emaar made a new pattern: LiBelly, made with an Emté egg!

libelli 1.jpg
libelli 2.jpg

I did finish something Barbie: Spinus the Dragon from Bettys-Simm Salabim, with a lamp in it. He is next to my bed (LoL).

Spinus de draak overdag.jpg
Spinus de draak by night.jpg
What a long conversation we had, Barbie and I. And suddenly Barbie frowns her face. I asked her what's going on.

She tells me that she saw that my hubby and I cleaned up the attic. She saw her Cabrio. Now that the whether is getting nicer and nicer she wants to drive in it, with Poekie the Cat next to her. So … when will she get something for the cold whether to put on??? Well Bar, I know what I'm going to make for you. And I will place my pattern on my blog when it is finished. Honestly. it will be fine.  A smile appears on Barbie's face and she winks at me.
# # #

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