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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Doll's day: making progress

Here I am again. It has been a while since I wrote a Blog. My finger has recovered, and the day before yesterday I cut my husband´s and my daughter´s hair. Und ich hatte Glück: this time no drama, all fingers complete!
As from Saturday I crochet again. Well, where shall I start? …. Frambloosje (Pattern Angelique Luijkman) has to wait. She did become a head, but Frambloosje doesn´t allow me to post a picture.
Barbie and her cat, Grandpa Bas, Guido and Daan are in the waiting room. In the meantime Guido´s CAL in the Facebook group Amigurumi Handmade by Ginia Mees has ended and a winner has been chosen: Helma Onink-Verwij. Helma has allowed me to post her picture of her winning Guido. I think he looks very nice. And I enjoy to see more Guido creations in the group.
In the Facebook Groups also some EasterCALs have been finished. During the time I couldn’t crochet I enjoyed the pictures from other members in the groups.
Did you miss the CAL and would you also like to make Guido? Just send a PM on Facebook or an Email to Ginia Mees! (
Oh yeah, I wanted to finish the WIP’s so badly. I stay calm, although it isn’t easy because Ginia Mees not only made a pattern for Franswah der Koch and Shopping Coby but also an awesome pattern of …: the King of Pop!!!

overzicht patronen Ginia Mees.jpgYou can probably understand that I will be very very careful with both of my hands now (no more finger cuttings and so) weil in my heart I want to make those Amis sooo badly, but: one thing. Aber…one thing at a time.
Ehm, Mariam… what did you make then? Well, I’ll tell you. I started making something small. I always succeed with patterns from Conni Häkelviecher.

kuiken 7 maart 2016.JPG
My little duck is supposed to look like the duck from Radio 3FM:

The pattern is available in both the German and English language but soon also in Dutch on:
In the future I will make some more of Conni’s awesome patterns. I didn’t use hook 1,5 though. I used hook 2,5!
Bettys-Simm-Salabim’s is finished too. Der lampenCAL as it is called was a dragon with a lamp. I’m delighted about it. The dragon is called Spinus. I’m still not ready with Spinus but here´s my WIP. spinus 7 maart 2016.JPG
Not only Esther Emaar, Crochessie and Ginia Mees but also Bettys-Simm-Salabim wrote a lot of awesome patterns. Please take a look here:
And I´m also attending Esther Emaar, Crochessie´s FAL on the Facebook group Fantirumi's and more:

And.. yes I am far behind. But I´ll get there!

foto fal 1.JPGPart 1
foto fal 2a.JPG
Part 2a
foto fal 2b.JPG
Part 2b

If you like this pattern now already, I got some good news for you. After the FAL you can buy the pattern on

Well, that was my story with the development on the Amigurumis for now.
Thank you for reading and I hope to see you back next week
Love and cheers, Mariam 


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