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Friday, 15 January 2016

WIP: does it sound familiar?

Today the CAL “Guido de Snowborder” started.

guido de snowboarder cal.jpg

I wanted to finish Daan, and start with something new.
I got start up problems like every day lately. I became mad and sad of it. But I never give up. In such case I solve it by sorting things out en clean. So, I did!
I took some pots out of the fence and I cleaned up the case where my WIP things are in and divided the stuff into the pots.

potjesfoto voor blog.jpg

I made me happy. Finally some overview and yes!! I found the adapter from my iPad (very practical: LOL).

adaptertasje blogfoto.jpg
II started with making a bag for the adapter. I used hook nr. 3. It went well. The pattern follows next week. I became enthusiastic and I got a lot of new ideas.

Then I went on with the snowman. This is a WIP since Summer (oh my!). In the meantime mr. Snowman got a nose. I'm looking for a broom, tips are welcome…


And oh yeah the piggy pot.. and.. Daan 
The snowman got a hat from the Monkey Elmo, who got it from me. This hat is very old! I made it on elementary school. We learned it from a non. So, the hat is very special. I made a nose, a different colour shawl because I was of the opinion that apple green neus doesn't fit to a dark green hat. Slowly I got a smile on my face. 
Mr. Snowman has to wait for his mouth. I like buttons as well as on his belly but I need to buy some decend glue. The same glue problem with the piggy pot, so I had to go for a hunt to the stores.
Then I got finally on with Daan! I kept on having problems with his pants. I made Daan with hook size 3 and Wibra wool. Nothing wrong with that. But hey, Daan loves good food and you can see that!!! Pants made with hook size 4: again too small. I wrote an SOS post on the Facebook group from Amigurumi handmade by Ginia asking what to do now. Ginia and Antje recommended a bigger hook and thicker wool. So that was hook size 5. Well ehm, problem still not solved. Desperately I took hook size 7 and double thread wool from Action. Strange enough: this time the pants did fit, I was sooo happy!!!

I think I can show you Daan coming Tuesday. He wasn't amused that I showed a picture of him naked. We made deal that I show his photoshoot coming Tuesday in my blog about Doll's day on the condition that I'll make some changes on him. I can live with his demands, so.. TO BE CONTINUED! 
Have you also ever been fed up your WIPs? How did you deal with it?

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