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Friday, 22 January 2016

Doll's day: And another week has passed

And another week has passed.
Here is Daan (Pattern from Ginia Mees) now with eyes and eyebrows. His hat is still missing, but will follow. Yes, the picture, without flipflops, he’d lost one. And his shirt looked like a bra! "Put it off !!!", he said. He tried to hide behind Mr. Snowman, but you could still see his shirt.

Daan was not amused that he was to be seen naked on the Internet. But he is not only cool, but has also very sweet charakter: he wanted to have a picture with his clothes on now. Of course I will do my best for him.

He had one urgent question: please remove my plastic eyes and replace them with crocheted eyes. And I had to do it with Grandpa Bas’ eyes too, because he didn’t like Opa Bas with those plastic eyes. Well Daan, no discussion, you’re absolutely right, so that’s a deal!

He just took a shower. I find my cool Daan a sample Daan. Who knows how he will look like next week! He asked for chest hair. Well yeah, ehm, surprise….
I learned a lot from Daan. The most important this that I actually have to crochet an Amigurumi at once. Then I  will get the best result. And yes, I will make notes, e.g. which hook did I use and keep all the garn together.
The patter Daan was chosen by my lovely daugthers. This Daan will be my Daan. I’ll make a new Daan for my girl, made with cotton, this time with the same material that I use for Guido de Snowboarder and I will use it for Shopping  Coby too.
As written in my last Blog the CAL from the group Amigurumi handmade bij Ginia ( just started. Yes, I started already, well yes, Daan gave me permission for it, the sweatheart. In the group you can admire different wonderful heads from Guido. Just awesome!

Guido was looking at me and Shopping Coby is also cute. I would love to make her for her namesake. No no no, I won’t start with Shopping Coby right now: one step at a time!
The advantage of a CAL is that you have one week tot finish a part: that’s chill..
I wrote about  Belly earlier:
I had some material left, except for the eyes, which I will buy soon. And then I will start with Belly.
What I will do differently with Belly is look after the colour change and how I will sew the legs on, because wenn you sew them correctly Belly will be able to sit. I will make notes on the pattern about the colour change and also which colour I’m using.
About the FAL (Fantasize-a-Long):
The FAL will start on 6 Februar and you will be able to make one part every week. The list of material you can find here:
It is nice to crochet a Fantirumi/Minirumi or a Mysteryrumi. I can recommend to become a member of the group"Fantirumis and more":

Mr Snowman is almost finished but he also wanted some different eyes. I have to make his arms and buy a broom. Maybe he is finished next week!
He asked me to sit next to Daan, Daan took off his shirt and he wanted to admire his awesome biceps ….

Yesterday the CAL from Bettys-Simm-Salabim started. I was looking forward to it, I will crochet with cotton.
And oh yeas, I’m crocheting Fla, pff, no, Fpa, no, aw !!! Frambr, oh no, Frambs pff, I can pronounce it!!! I copy pasted it because it is a nightmare. Her correct name is: FramBLOOSJE! Terrible. But the pattern for Frambloosjes is sooo cute. I just finised the legs, so now the rest.

I’m nervos because of the Popcornstitch. It is ridiculous, because the explanation is perfect…..

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