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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Doll’s Day: 50 litre is not 50 kilogram!!!

??? What is this about Mariam?
I’'ll tell you: when you’re making dolls, you need fiberfill. But hey, you’ll run out of it one day. And that was the case during filling Daantje. As you can read in the pattern: Daantje is a strong and cool person, and he loves food. So: he needed m-u-c-h fiberfill!

I read often the question here and there where to buy much fiberfill and cheap. For my recycleblog I wanted to go to Schuimrubbergigant to make a photo report of how to cut foam cushions for the garden chairs. They sell fiberfill too: 50 litre. In my experience is that a bag that I can’t put in the attic in a corner.

Would it fit in the car -Renault Twingo-? Maybe I can try a piece? One of my Facebook friends already bought a 50 litre package and was quite happy wit hit, both the sending and the product itself. But ... because it is personal, I wanted to try it myself.
Personnally I’m very happy with the fiberfill from Action, so I took it with me to Schuimrubbergigant to compare.

My conclusion is that the fiberfill from Schuimrubbergigant is as nice as the one from Action. However, 50 litre fiberfill is not 50 kilogram, but approximately 1 kilogram, hahaha. And yeah, the fiberfill is packed nicely in a bag with a ziper, so that’s practical. Just like this bag, it fits in the trunk. What do I say? It fits even on the ground in the front passenger seat in the car!

To give you an idea how big the package is, I'll place a photo and I put down the bag on purpose next to the converted shopping bag (hooked by me more on that tomorrow) for comparison.To
fiberfill vulling.jpg

And yeah, I’m very proud of my converted shopping bag next to the bag with the fiberfill...
A blog about the shopping bag will follow next week!

In the meantime Cool Dan hasn’t been finished yet, he only has a pair of flipflops, but I will be fine. And the clothes will come one day, just like Barbie’s clothes:
Daan in zijn nakie.jpg

During the time that I didn’t do much, Ginia Mees was going fast with designing. She designed some nice amigurumis like Franswah and a CAL is coming up soon again.
guido de snowboarder cal.jpg
For more information I refer to the Facebook group Amigurumi Handmade by Ginia:

It has been a while that I made my first minirumi. I’ll start with the second one soon, it will be another Belly. I love her so much! By the way, did you know that you can follow a workshop to crochet a minirumi?
And if you want to learn crochet you can also sign up for the workshop:
workshop minirumi.jpg

And not only that, but soon there won’t be a CAL, but a  FAL! How do you invent it? Personally I like the ideas of Crochessie by Esther Emaar very much. Never a dull moment if I would have ever had one, lol!

For more information I refer to the Facebook group from Fantirumi's and more:

I couldn’t join a CAL last month. But I do hope to join one this month. I wouldn’t mis Bettys-Simm-Salabim group CAL for the world! The CAL starts on 20 January. In the meantime I would like to draw your attention to their nice Facebook page:

So, I have to plan with work schemes. For me, work schemes are pleasant and they motivate.

Have you made work schemes too to make lots of things from your bucketlist?

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