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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

DIY: Wednesday repairday! Fix your zipper
My daughter had a onesie and liked wearing it. One day the zipper broke half way down. The onesie was okay and I didn’t want to throw it away.
Well, what would you do then?

Have a look on the Internet or YouTube! I did it a little different:

What do you need?

Of course the onesie with the broken zipper
A screw driver
a nipper

1. Move the zipper up, ensuring it does not come off.
With the screw driver slightly open the part where the teeth from the zipper is caught
wrik voorzichtig met schroevendraaier open.jpg
Please be careful while opening an older zipper, it is broken before you know!
schuif tandjes tussen zipper.jpg
Move the “teeth” part between the zipper and close with the nipper.

Zip up and there you go!

Do you also look for a solution for your zipper instead of throwing clothes away?

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