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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Doll's day!

I was away for a week, but here I am again!!
What happened in the dolls’ area?
On 28 November 2015, I went to the Meet and Greet Crochessie – House of Creations together with CR Couture. You could see the fantirumis and minirumis in real life. Due to the personal style of crochet, there was even a difference in size, even if you followed the pattern exactly. One hooks tight, another hooks more loosely. Interesting that the style of crochet and the use of another hook can make such a difference.
An impression of the Meet and Greet can be seen on the video "Crochessie - together with CR Couture"

I was happy it to discover that I am not the only one who cannot choose from all of Crochessie’s wonderful creations. And it was also nice to meet Gompy in real life!!! I had already heard about him and seen some pics on the Facebook group Fantirumi's and more.
Before my daughter and I went home again we got to choose a pattern fan. Esther gave it a personal touch by writing something special on it. The pattern fan very practical. Now when I go to the waiting room of the dentist I can take my crocheting with me. The pattern fan fits in my handbag.

That I like dolls a lot is clear to see when you visit our house.
The candy jars from Cooky Monster and Elmo: who doesn’t know them? Oh yes, I made them too. But I wanted to make a big one from Cooky Monster. This is the result:

As you can see it was perfect for the "pepernoten".
Last week the competition for Bas from Ginia Mees was closed. What a relief that I didn’t have Ginia Mees & Antje Smit’s job. Because you all know by now that I can’t decide! And certainly I cannot pick a winner out of so many nice wonderful submissions! Hats off to you ladies! And to the winner too: Astrid Spelletjes. With her permission, here is a pic of her beautiful Bas.

I don’t just crochet dolls. I like to make barbie clothes too. I used to do that for from my daughter’s barbiedolls.

Last week I disrespectfully placed Ms Barbie in a magazine rack on my desk, so I would not forget her. Well, that showed me! I need to hurry up making a cardigan for her, because she’s cold in her sleeveless dress and she lets me know!! And also that she doesn’t want to be left in a magazine rack....
Due to the lack of time I won’t be attending the CAL from Bettys-Simm Salabim this time. I do regret not attending, because she always thinks of such amazing things!! But  ... Bettys-Simm Salabim just keeps on designing. For Advent she has designed something beautiful, I didn’t make it, but here you can see what she came up with! This is Spira!
Pattern can be found


The next CAL, I‘ll be there again.
Would you like to participate in a CAL? Then I have good news for you, just have a look:

Are you in for it? Go to and sign up!
I hope to organise things better this week so that next week I hope to show to you Daantje, a pattern from Ginia Mees as well as a happy Barbie with her new cardigan.
Have you ever been pressed for time?

And last but not least: Join the link party on

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