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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Granny Cardigan

Oh, I wanted to crochet a cardigan so badly! And every time I searched on Google for something to crochet I'd end up at the website of Lindevrouwsweb. As I did this time! I have to say, Joke’s blogging is so enthusiastic and nice that you want to get started right away. Her blog is my absolute favorite!! It's going to be a granny cardigan made out of  2 hexagons.

At first I needed some good advice from a friend on Facebook, because the hexagon was something new to me and I didn’t quite get it. After the explanation I started and crocheted and crocheted. I was addicted, how lovely all those different colours were!! I was so proud when I finished the cardigan. The opinions in my neighbourhood were divided and quite disappointed, I sold the cardigan. I went to buy Fenna wool and started crocheting again.


I didn’t succeed in getting the hexagon right and I was afraid that this wool wasn’t good enough either, so the work ended up in a box. Taking it out isn't fun so that will happen when I have inspiration (sometimes that takes a long time). One day I saw a bargain at Zeeman, red Ivy wool, to be crocheted on needle 6. I bought the last 12 balls of wool and started crocheting immediately. This time with success.


It would be a toss up because I didn’t know if I had enough wool. That was the case. It is great to have so many crochet groups on Facebook so I asked for some advice. Someone showed me her cardigan in white with black. I liked that so much I got to work. This is the result.


I may proudly say I can go to the office, can’t I?

Another pose in my own way in the sun ....

I’m soooo happy with the cardigan!


Because of the fact that not everyone knows how to finish the cardigan, I will write the pattern during the next week. The long cardigan will be crocheted again, but just in one colour and I will write that pattern too. To be continued!!!!


Cheers, Mariam

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