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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Doll's day: 3 different kinds of dolls from 3 special designers (2)

Last week I wrote about Teddy from Designer Bettys-Simm-Salabim. Today I write about Rocky the paper towel.

rockyrac.pngRocky was also made during a CAL. Was was CAL again? That the abbreviation for Crochet A-Long. You crochet together for one Project. That is instructive, you learn from eachother. It is not always known what it will become, like this time. Long before we could read on the Bettys-Simm-Salabim group what to collect.
While I hadn’t made so many stuffed animals, I found it weird last time that we needed a pipe cleaner. For Rocky we needed a special paper towel.

Luckily Action had many of them. We also needed an Suprise Egg. I had the wrong one.
ander ei.jpg

During the CAL my loving husband helped me with cutting and perforating the PVC-tube and I put it in Rocky's head. Rocky is very happy in the kitchen. He loves it when he can help and the always hopes that the kitchen will be dirty, haha! Rocky and Teddy will be available on in three languages:

Last week I wrote about the minirumi from Designer Esther Emaar: Belly. Belly travelled to Villa Pardoes. An article was written in the newspaper.

English and German translation  will follow soon. Hopefully the translation will be there coming Doll’s Day.

This week I crochet a pattern from Ginia Mees, and that is: Daan. You need a pipe cleaner for Daan. I often don’t see things when I shop so I posted a question on Facebook where I could buy pipe cleaners. In the end I succeeded in Action. It was a package but I was happy with it, because there were also eyes and pompons in it.
I started crochet with Daan rather late, so that I only can show you a WIP. WIP is the abbreviation for Work in Progress.
daan in progress.jpg
I always have fun to crochet the patterns from all three the designers. You will alway see me smiling while I’m at work.
Do you also have fun with crochet of an amigurumi?

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