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Sunday, 29 November 2015

DIY: recycle your old pullover into a cat bed

I wanted to spoil our cat with a cosy bed. One day I saw a Youtube video, showing how to make a quick 'n easy cat bed!

I was very excited and went digging through the wardrobe.
The materials that I used:
  1. a cat
  2. yarn
  3. embroidery needle
  4. pair of scissors
  5. old knitted sweater
  6. a few old t-shirts
  7. an old cushion and
  8. fiberfill
I started with the cat bed while following the video. I filled the big part with an old cushion and closed the big part with stitches. The sleeves were stuffed with fiberfill and some old t-shirts so the cat bed is firmly stuffed. Then I also closed the sleeves with some stitches.
The cat now has a luxurious place to sleep, because it is soft and comfortable.

Now the final moment was there: how would the cat react and more important: would he like it? See it yourself:

As you can see, our cat wasn't the only one who enjoyed the cat bed. So did another cat, that was staying with us.
The removable cover and the stuffing are both machine washable and dryable, I just have to take out the stitches and the cat can enjoy his cat bed for a long long time.

Are you going to make a cat bed too from your old sweater?