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Sunday, 29 November 2015

DIY: Recycle cans for the container plants by crochet

The days are getting shorter, it's colder outside. About time to bring the container plants inside. In my case the cuttings of the container plants, because I can't place all plants inside. But hey, where do I get so many pots at once which I have to throw away in Spring because of a lack of space?

And suddenly thanks to the blog Blij dat ik brei I had an idea to gather cans for this purpose. So we had to eat canned food!

How does it work??

At first you put a decent plastic bag in the can so that it won't leak because of the rust. Put in some potting soil, than the cutting (with rooting powder) or a little plant in it, press firmly and you're ready!

Please note: if  you want to use rooting powder, put in the cutting one centimeter deep, but don't forget to dust off the rest of the powder. You only need a little rooting powder on the cutting, otherwise the cutting will die! And then, you can put it in the potting soil

I did not have so many knitted or crocheted covers for the cans for all my cuttings and little plants …. Luckily I got the idea to use old army and marinesocks. To crochet some applications and to put them on with a embroidery stitch wasn't that much work. The pattern for the dog and the kitten are on the page "free patterns".

Do not forget to water the plants on a regular basis, but don't water too much! To find out if you give enough water, you can check this once and a while to put your finger on the potting soil. If the soil stays a little wet on your finger it's okay. If you get lump, it isn't and your plant got too much water.
I hope this is of use and I wish you good luck with the cuttings and taking the container plants inside!
If you have success, you can bring the container plants outside as of 15 May and enjoy the next bunch of flowers! You can take off the covers for the next time and get rid of the cans. The covers in the washing machine and the can off to the iron farmer. I have been collecting the cans a half year now thanks to the Facebookpage Breng je Blikjes naar de IJzerboer toe. There is also a group called Breng je Blikjes naar de IJzerboer toe with tips what you can bring to the iron farmer for an extra penny.

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