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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Babyblankets with crocheted grannies

Although I don't want to admit it, I am addicted to crochet grannies. Granny Squares are crocheted squares and very fun to make! What do I like about it? ? They are like building blocks. When you've made a few, you can make them without thinking! And.. you have finished a granny very quickly.

When I suffered from headaches last year, I made a lot of grannies. During crocheting I relax and the headach disappears. I made the grannies for charity for a while through the Facebook group called Warmtedekens.

A few weeks ago my dear colleague gave birth to a twin. I promised her to make a baby blanket (yeah, yeah, I know: I made TWO!). On the picture the blanket doesn't look so nice and tight. That was because I had to take a picture while the blanket just came out of the washing machine and then quickly on the heater. within an hour I had to pack the blankets too so that they could be delivered.

Because there are so many different blankets, I told my colleague that these ones are for in the carrycot. I can imagine that it isn't nice to take off a little foot or toe out of the granny while the children are lying in their bed or stall. The material I used was acryl.

The sizes are 60 x 75 cm so that you also can fold the blanket a bit. And the blanket is also to be used for the baby when in the carrcot or in the Maxi Cosi!

The granny I used for this blanket is called the Summer Garden Granny Square. I'm also cheerful of it!

The grannies are hooked to eachother. Of course there had to be added an edge to it. I did that by picking up the stitches and crocheting double crochet in green. Then eliminate the wires and the blanket went into the washing machine!

Two days after I finished the blankets my colleague gave birth.

Cheers, Mariam

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