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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Doll's day: shy

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In October I joined a CAL from the FB group Maschenzauber & Friends. You can join a cal every month.

I tried something with the socks. They look a little like my own socks.
A little later than October my Pierrot was ready...

Oh come on. Please turn around Pierrot. Pierrot didn't dare. He is shy because he isn't black and white.

It look a while but he did turn:

Despite the other colour he is cute, don't you think?

He said it was cold outside and wanted a picture in the house.
So we did:

I am proud at my Pierrot. And the CAL was very nice. Many thanks Maschenzauber.
Please take a look at her Facebook page. She designs nice things.

Doll's day news
There are many CALs but I've been busy at home lately. Here are two announcements I told you about
in October (reminder).
Please click on the picture for more information.
And there is also a CAL with a bear
Well that was it for now.

Are you curious for the stories of the other bloggers? Please go to de Breimeisjes for the list.
Thanks for your attention and I hope to see you next time.


Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Doll's Day: precocious?

In German and Dutch

What is happening today? Well I had a precocious cat and dog this time. 
You can't get angry at them. I could only like it. 
Let's start with our "mopje". 

My mum used to sing that song very often. 
roughly translated it has this message: When our dog was a doggie, it was nice to see. Nowadays he barks all day and bites! 

So if you would believe this song this doggie isn't a nice dog after all. 
But this one isn't an aggressive dog.He is just very sweet and cute. Do you remember him? You can have a better look at Doggie.

Mr Innocence isn't he? Doggie has the size of a key ring and the pattern is from Conny's Haekelviecher
As you might already know I am her fan of her patterns. Nice, clear even when you don't understand German.

Well, who is this creature with scary eyes? 
(I had no security eyes in stock)

This is a pattern from Grietje Karwietje. It was quite fatiguing before I could shoot his picture...

Because young cats are very precocious. 

But not less fun.

Grietje Karwietje made a lot of nice (free) patterns from amigurumis.

Have you made some minis before?

Doll's Day news

Unfortunaty I have no news today, but if I might hear something in the meantime I will write a blog!

Are you curious what the other doll's day blog writers wrote?
Have a look for the list and of course for the doll's day adventure to
de Breimeisjes. Happy reading and I hope to see you next time.


Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Doll's Day: Naughty Kitty Cat

This blog is also in Dutch and in German
You haven't heard from me about Doll's Day for two weeks. I had forgotten to hit publish one week(oh oh)
and last week I was too busy. So today an extra large sized Doll's Day blog with lots of news.

Kitty Cat's eyes

Last time I told you that I had to laugh very loud about the eyes of Kitty Cat. I lost the back of the eyes to attach the eyes.
They went through my fingers and whoops they flew through the study: gone!

But I still wanted to use the eyes. I have therefore taken taps nuts of my hubby's toolkit and attached the eyes with it. A nice solution, isn't it. At one point we got a visit from a very cute cousin (a toddler). He was allowed to play with Kitty.
When he went home with his mom and dad again and we went cleaning up I saw Kitty Cat
with his eyes like this

No, of course I will not get angry. I had to laugh about it very much.

Luckily, Kattie thought that was a lot of fun too, and later on he made it even worse:

Well, there is a life in a crocheted cat, do not you think? Kitty Cat also liked to pose outside. He kept an eye on things and apparently
he wanted to try everything Poekie did:

That was fun! Woohoo on the scooter

Oh yeah and also visit Saartje Rabbit of course. Saartje loves Poekie and so
loves Kitty Cat too

Saartje was naughty. He looked very depressed to get Kitty Cat closer. He actually wanted
to bite in Kitty Cat's nose!!!!

Well, I finally get why Poekie doesn't come near Saartje.

Do you want to crochet this nice cat too? Go to this blog for further details

CAL Amanita on the Facebook group Crochet Friends

Yes, I did it but only with some rest yarn (not the salmon one of course).
That one is more than 40 years old. Well ehm, I suddenly feel very old, haha.

Designer Kenzi Mispeltoe Noe made a lot of work of this pattern. A lot of
nice pics and detailed information about e.g. how to fill the parts which are very small.
With a pair of tweezers. I won't tell you more details....

Part 1

Part 2

And we also had a bonus pattern attached to part 2, which I still have to make,
because I had been very busy with work and so on.

This is the result. Tadaa

Her back

As you can see, she has become a decoration for my bag. Frambloosje can go into the washing
machine at last, the poor kid.

CAL Nadagurumi Haekelfee from Oktober 2018

Facebook doesn't show all the posts, which I understand. There is just too much. So Facebook selects posts for you, so
I missed some information. I guess you do too.
That is why it is good that you read my blog, so that you can read this and more doll's day news. But because I don't see everything,
and I couldn't crochet for a while I had almost been kicked out of a group. Noooo, I told that I wanted to stay and started crocheting immediately,
which was quite a challenge, another German designer. But definitely lots of fun to make.
I even learned new words in German. "Popo" means something different than in Dutch (in German: your bottom).
In Dutch the youth calls it as a nickname for the police. So something completely different, haha. This was part 1

I also learned a new stitch (the hat). I find it quite a challenge...

And then she was finished.

Lady Spider walked to the loo spontaneously (I just don't get why she choose that particular place
and stays with the other (real life) spiders.

Hexagon cardigan for the baby

Yes, last weekend I gave this cardigan as a present. This is my favorite to make. I made it with Royal acryl from Zeeman with hook 3 and I bought some wooden buttons.
For more details about the pattern

Doll's day news

There are a lots of CALs so we can stay nice and warm at home. Here are two announcements
(click on the picture for more information which can be read by the translation service of Google

And there is an awesome CAL with a bear

Well. that was it for now. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Are you curious to read the

other doll's day blogs?
For the list please go to de Breimeisjes.

Thank you for your attention and I hope to see you next time.


Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Doll's Day WIP (3) Poekie the Cat is not amused

This blog is also in Dutch and in German

I continued cleaning the study and saw WIP Kitty the Cat. It is fun to finish off the amigurumis right?

Well it is with Kitty the Cat from Bettys-Simm-Salabim. I mentioned Kitty the Cat as WIP earlier in one of my blogs, but you wouldn't recognize her as such, hihi.

But eh... Poek is not amused. Why? Well, let's have a look.

At first he didn't notice as you can see.

Poekie was afraid that he had to share his food. Well, not at all Poekie. This kitty isn't eating anything, Kitty the Cat is just decoration, so no worries.

What a relief:

Once in a while he talks to Kitty the Cat

Now I can show you a profile picture of Kitty the Cat. Isn't she adorable?

She is heavier in her tummy, because I put some sand in it so that she can sit better.

This Kitty is a patter from Bettys-Simm-Salabim. If you would like her to crochet too, just hit the Facebook picture. Then you will see the link to the shop (only available in German).

My Kitty the Cat will get some details and when I finished that I will show you something funny. I have to make pics of that. I couldn't stop laughing...

And psst. I couldn't resist buying another pattern from Bettys-Simm-Salabim.

And I made her in one evening and one morning while I had no eyes. So I made her a pair of sun glasess, hihi.

This Kitty went on a journey.

Dolls' Day News

Crochet Friends's CAL on Facebook is ongoing now and you will see lots of cute Amanitas. Next week you will see my version in progress.

CAL Nadaragurumi Häkelfee

As if that is not enough I'm attending another CAL on Facebook CAL Nadaragurumi Häkelfee. There is a new CAL each month and you have time to finish it until the end of the month. It is a supriseCAL and I'm curious what it is going to become.


I wrote about Maschenzauber earlier. There is also a nice Facebook group to attend a CAL each month. There is no picture of it in the group so I'm not telling you what it is going to be. At least it's going to be awesome!

Inspiration for Halloween

I saw these ones last week. So cute, the patterns are both in Germand and Dutch.

The spider as inspiration from last week is still to be made. I hope to do that this week and that I can show you the result next week.

I'm excited if you did anything with the suggestions and if you made something. Please leave a comment? 

I'm also curious of what the other Doll's Day bloggers wrote. Will you join me? 

This is the list (you can read it with the Google Chrome translation service). 

- de Breimeisjes  Amilishly,  Blauw Ruitje,   Corina,  

DIYDiva,  Jannie,  Jolanda,  Juffrouw Ooievaar,

Ria,  Rita en  Sandra

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope to see you next week.

Love, Mariam

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

DIY: recycle your old pullover into a cat bed

World Animal Day

I wanted to spoil our cat with a cosy bed. One day I saw a Youtube video, showing how to make a quick 'n easy cat bed!

I was very excited and went digging through the wardrobe.


The materials that I used:
  1. a cat
  2. yarn
  3. embroidery needle
  4. pair of scissors
  5. old knitted sweater
  6. a few old t-shirts
  7. an old cushion and
  8. fiberfill
I started with the cat bed while following the video. I filled the big part with an old cushion and closed the big part with stitches. The sleeves were stuffed with fiberfill and some old t-shirts so the cat bed is firmly stuffed. Then I also closed the sleeves with some stitches.
The cat now has a luxurious place to sleep, because it is soft and comfortable.
Now the final moment was there: how would the cat react

And more important: would he like it? 

See it yourself:
As you can see, our cat wasn't the only one who enjoyed the cat bed. So did another cat, that was staying with us.
The removable cover and the stuffing are both machine washable and dryable, I just have to take out the stitches and the cat can enjoy his cat bed for a long long time.

Are you going to make a cat bed too from your old sweater?

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Doll's Day: WIP (2)

Well, how would it be with Squirly... I wasn't quite speedy last week but I continued working on Squirly who I suddenly met during cleaning the study.

At Action's I bought embroidery thread to stick on.

But after sticking the fabric Squirly was already confiscated....  

But ehm, look at how she should look like (made by Crochessie by Esther Emaar).


When you look at her post (you can click on the post) you really want her finished don't you?

Doll's Day news

Yeah, there is some news!!

There is a CAL coming very very soon starting on 3 October from Kenzi Mispeltoy Noe from this good looking lady

The CAL lasts three weeks and you can find the CAL on the Facebook Group Crochet Friends So... join the group and tomorrow can crochet on the CAL. Woohoo

I'm curious what the other Doll's Day bloggers wrote. Will you join me reading? 

This is the list. 

- de Breimeisjes  Amilishly,  Blauw Ruitje,   Corina,  

DIYDiva,  Jannie,  Jolanda,  Juffrouw Ooievaar,

Ria,  Rita en  Sandra

Please leave a comment, I like that and I will respond. Promise.

Love, Mariam