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Monday, 22 January 2018

Granny Spiration Challenge October 2017

It was October already. I often think: I’m getting too old for this (time goes by too fast I mean ;-).
I enjoy joining the Granny Spiration Challenge:

Well those are awesome!

Please also have a look at what the other hosts did. You can find the list at Eyeloveknots

And what did the hosts make?

It is cold again and then I take my shawl out of the wardrobe. When you know me, you know
that I have lots of respect for all the peope who make shawls in one piece. I did it once and
never again. I like the shawl a lot and I used lots of colours on purpose, because in this way
I know how far I got. But it felt like a never ending story. That is why I have loads of respect for
the other crocheters who do make the shawls in one piece.
It is nice and warm though.
I’m not cold anymore
Can you make a shawl in one piece?

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Granny Spiration Challenge X: recycle and granny create box for your bathroom

Yeah! I can blog normally again because my domain is also with https on :).

It is the 12th Granny Spiration Challenge of 2017 already. Time still flies.
My colleague hosts made awesome practical things. And I myself made something practical this time:
recycle and create from a milk jerrycan.

I cut a piece out of it;
crocheted 4 little basic grannies (2 rows in one colour and one in another colour)
crocheted 2 bigger basic grannies (some small traces of yarn I couldn’t throw away)
I sew the two little grannies for the front- and the back side;
the big ones on the sides.
Then crocheted a border

and the box for the bathroom is ready!

Have you made something nice with grannies too then share it in the link and you might win an
awesome price a Rafflecopter giveaway to be seen at Eyeloveknots . You can also see the most linked granny
creations from last month and have a look at her granny creation for December.

For more inspiration please don’t forget to have a look at the other Granny Spiration hosts

Sandra from Hakelfieber Austria (in German)
Jenny from Crochet is the Way
Rhelena from Crochet n Crafts

Thank you for reading and see you next time!


Sunday, 5 November 2017

Granny Spiration Challenge November XI: Mr Snowman on a jar

This is the 11th Granny Spiration Challenge of this year. The Granny Spiration Challenge keeps me on track with being creative and blogging about my creations. I get energized by it.

Please don’t forget to stop by the other hosts:

Alexandra van EyeLoveKnots
Sandra van Hakelfieber Austria (in German)
Rhelena van Crochet n Crafts

These awesome things were made by them last month:

What did I make this time? Based on my jar last year I made a snowman version: IMG-0901.JPG

And this is the result this time. And oh I liked it sooo much making it, and I made another one. My daughter’s Mr Snowman in between and the set was complete.


Did you make something nice to with grannies, please share it with us in the link below: just click on add to inlinks and it shows itself. You can win something through Eyeloveknots where you can also find the most viewed linked granny creations.

The price you can win: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Did you crochet around a jar before?

Friday, 1 September 2017

Granny Spiration Challenge of September 2017: the Crocheted turban

Hurray, it’s the Granny Spiration Challenge Bloghop and Linkup for September!

What did I make? Again it’s an old project, but practical so I really want to share this with you:

a turban from Head Huggers
Last year I was suffering from terrible headaches, my head felt cold, not on the inside but as if my brain was freezing. Not nice at all. I looked for solutions and the thing that helped really me was wearing a hat. At home I wore a hat from fleece. I couldn’t wear it in official places and at work. So I looked on the internet for a hat to crochet and actually it is an adult chemo cap. * Please note this is a free pattern and shouldn’t be used for sale purposes!* In near future I am going to make some hats for the (Dutch Facebook group: Fighting Cancer (
I found one which is crocheted with a granny stitch. And even better: it is finished within three hours!
resultaat Mariam.jpg
This pic was used for another blog: (still have to translate the blog in English and German though…)
There you can find some information for donating turbans too.
For my German and Dutch Granny Spiration blog I was allowed to translate the pattern and I promised to send the organization the links of my blogs.
The good news is: wearing the hat helped me sooo much. I’m now in the position that I don’t need to wear it anymore. I’m good now.
Every first Saturday of the month a few international blogs show their project inspired by granny squares.
For more inspiration please also stop by our other co-hosts

Get inspired by a bloghop (following beneath) on Alexandra's blog  (Granny's Stashbusting Tissue Box Cover - Free Crochet Pattern, a Rafflecopter giveaway there's a link party and a give away!

What did the hosts make last month?

If you have some (old or new) crochet projects with granny squares you want to share with us, go ahead (and click on the link below)
The top 3 most viewed posts of the Granny Spiration Challenge for August are

September's Giveaway is sponsored by Eyeloveknots
One winner will be gifted three granny square crochet patterns via Ravelry. Patterns include: Granny Square Skirt by Doris Chan (, the Skysail Top by Elena Fedotova ( and the Edna Valley Cardigan by Lena Skvagerson (

Facebook group EyeloveKnots Crafting Community
You are most welcome to join the Facebook group too:
The September link up
will open September 2 at 12am EST, and run through midnight on Friday, September 18th.
We are anxious to see your creations!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Granny Spiration Challenge August 2017: another recycle shopping bag

Here we are with the granny-spiration challenge for August!

I just can’t get enough of the recycle shopping bags!!! This recycleshopping bag was made by me a while ago with baby acryl from Zeeman, hook 3. As I am not so patient, it took me a long time. Actually I should become more patient, because I like the result very much

tas in frame.png

But ehm… how did it work again?
Every first Saturday of the month a few international blogs show their project inspired by granny squares.

Get inspired by a bloghop (following beneath).
On the Alexandra's blog 
there's a link party and a give away!
If you have some (old or new) crochet projects with granny squares, go ahead (click on the link above)!
This month you can win a magazine with Alexandra’s awesome design of her tank top in it. The pattern can be found

Last month's granny spiration creations from your hosts


For the links:

From Your Hosts: Big, Huge Afghan (Free Crochet Pattern) from Crochet is the Way, Owl Obsession Baby Blanket (Crochet Pattern Review) from Hakelfieber Austria, Granny Stitch Cowl (Crochet Inspiration) from Rhelena, Granny Square Tank & Happily Hooked Magazine Issue #40 (Magazine Giveaway) from EyeLoveKnots, Granny Square Piano Cover (Crochet Tutorial) from Mariam's Creations, and Granny Squares on Painted Canvas (Crochet Inspiration) from Atelier Marie-Lucienne.

For more inspiration please also stop by our other co-hosts

Atelier Marie-Lucienne
Sandra Hakelfieber Austria (in German)
Jenny Crochet is the Way
Rhelena Crochet n Crafts



Would you like to win the giveway? a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Granny Spiration Challenge of July 2017

We are already in July with the Granny Spiration Challenge

This time I made an overview in a video because I recently started my own company MariamBentum.

Because it’s a lot of fun:

From our Hosts: Granny Square Shrug (Tutorial) Mariam's Creations, Simple Granny Dishcloth (Free Crochet Pattern) Rhelena, Be Squared Top (Free Crochet Pattern & Tutorial) Crochet is the Way, Sweet Coaster (Tutorial) Kat Kat Katoen, Granny Square Heart Cushion (Tutorial) Hakelfieber, Lose Granny Square Jacket (Tutorial) Atelier Marie-Lucienne, en Vintage Granny Square Scarf (Free Crochet Pattern) van EyeLoveKnots.

*Sigrid from Kat Kat Katoen stopped as a Host :( but ...ehm… please visit her Blog, she makes awesome stuff ❤

and please also have a look
Sandra Hakelfieber Austria (in German)
Alexandra EyeLoveKnots (link party & give away! )

The link to the Facebook Community: Eyeloveknots Crafting Community

The link for the de giveaway “Jenny of Crochet is the Way!” for one of here awesome patterns.

And the most visited linkes: Granny Square Stash Buster Blanket  Sum of Their Stories, Crochet Baby Blanket and Hats Julie's Creative Lifestyle, and Largest Blanket van Hobbyloes.

So, what did I make? Another recycle and create. Discovered by coincidence and I’m very happy with it: a piano cover for my Roland Piano:
Granny spiration CHallenge July 2017 (3).jpg

I crocheted 3 rows from 7 Grannies 5 Rounds hook 5 with Royal Acryl from Zeeman) and sow the sides with old Jeans. I like the cool effect for the piano.

What do you think of it?
Granny spiration CHallenge July 2017 2.jpg

Granny spiration CHallenge July 2017 1.jpg

In case you would like to make the cover to, please find attached the pattern for the sides: